Muscle Jocks and Masculine Men

Teddy Torres and Alessio Romero

For those of you with a fetish for spitting, armpits, and rough fucking, you’re going to love the nasty way bearded sex pigs Teddy Torres and Alessio Romero go at like dogs in heat. It’s a hot and heavy scene as the intergenerational daddy/son duo struggles for dominance. Teddy takes what he wants, chowing down on daddy’s big, fat, and throbbing uncut tool. The talented cocksucker services Alessio, taking the muscle bear down to the balls without even chokinge. Alessio returns the favor, taking as much of Teddy as he can handle but the young Latino is just too big and too thick for Alessio. The muscle bear gags, which seems to excite Teddy further. Alessio spins Teddy around and buries his face in the young man’s incredibly hairy ass. He slobbers and spits all over the musky hole as if he were devouring a tasty morsel. Then Alessio stands. He aims, thrusts, and sinks his big cock balls deep inside Teddy with one fell swoop. Teddy is so hard and aroused by Alessio’s aggression ends up screwing himself on the meaty shaft, slamming down hard and rough as he bareback fucks Alessio’s cock, swallowing every inch of the thick slab of beef with his hole. And it just keeps on getting hotter as power bottom Teddy turns the tables, flipping Alessio on his back. Teddy gives as well as he can take and when he can no longer hold back, he pulls out and spews. It’s a huge load of creamy white jizz that he pumps onto and into Alessio’s freshly fucked and puckered hole, seeding Alessio. Teddy fucks every drop of DNA into the muscle bear, leaving him a deliciously sloppy and cummy mess before taking charge of Alessio’s cock and hole and making him spew a load he tastes, eats, and shares.

Outdoor Fuck Orgy

Marc Angelo and Carlo Cox were putting on quite the public display of affection at IBC in Palm Springs. So much so that Brad Kalvo had to come outside and see what all the ruckus was about. What a feast for the eyes! Marc and Carlo pumping away like hulking beasts in the hot tub, dripping wet and raunchy as hell. Of course Brad made himself comfortable to watch the show! Brad is making his first appearance on, and he doesn’t disappoint. His chest hair is impossibly thick and soft, like a bearskin rug from his shoulders all the way down to his crotch. And speaking of crotch, what a piece of meat he’s got going on down there! 8.5 inches of cock, ready to spring up hard and fuck some ass! Marc and Carlo spot Brad stroking his member across the lawn and they move in like…bears, essentially, on the hunt for fresh meat. Carlo and Marc suck Brad’s cock and grope his bulging pecs, and he’s eager to get a taste of each mouthwatering rod! These three are nasty, sucking and rimming before just rolling around in the grass, Carlo and Brad each taking turns topping Marc. Marc is in ecstasy taking such huge pornstar cocks, and he even gets some backdoor amateur action as Rex Blue pops in at the end to give Marc a few hard thrusts. We filmed for hours this afternoon and this is only part 2 of 3. Stay tuned for the conclusion of this wet, cum-soaked, afternoon foursome.

Spanish Bears Bukkake Gangbang

Ramoso Fiore, Jorcano Garcia, Rhoyne Hill, Fran Jb and Javi Rodrigo are home from the afternoon sun during the Sitges Bear Event in Spain. Javi being the horndog welcomes 4 bears back to his flat from the beach to work out some sweaty, caliente bear loads.

Burly Canuck Bears Marc and Tristan fuck and shoot

Marc is enjoying some alone time in the house when Tristan comes to visit and catches him touching himself while watching a bearfilms clip online. Having the real thing is so much better and these two aren’t letting a minute go to waste. It’s not long before Marc has a thick uncut cock in his mouth getting it nice and wet. Tristan returns the favor before these two studs get down to real business as Tristan ravages Marc’s hole ending in a hot cum mess on Marc’s body.

Midnight Bear Threesome

What do you do when you have 3 horny guys naked in a dark living room at 12:30am in the morning? Record it! That’s just what we did. It started with Jason and Marc while PJ just watched but soon all 3 were kissing, licking nipples and sucking cock finally ending with 3 loads all over Marc’s body.

Daddy Bear Marc Angelo

Marc Angelo is from Toronto, and after a long train journey, all he wants to do is get his cock out and blow his load. Luckily we were there to record it all! The whole time on the train he has been thinking about hot bears, what he wants to do to them, and what he wants them to do to him in return! He is so horny when he arrives it is unbelievable. He has got a great body – bulging muscles covered in tattoos and the chest of a God. He starts by slowly stroking his cock with his massive hands, and starts getting faster and faster until he is in a complete jerking frenzy. By this time he has reached the point of no return and blows a massive load of sticky bear cum!

Two Cubs to Satisfy Daddy

Who says threes a crowd with 3 bears? Bear Films new comers Mike Dubois, Matt Cormier & Dale Nichols are 3 HOT guys who are crazy about each other. Mike and Matt decide to take on a 3rd bear in their home deep in the heart of New Orleans and have a bons-temp with him all night. These guys are hard at work getting to know each other on a lazy Louisiana night and take every inch seriously. I think Dale is going to fit in just fine.

Three Horny Bears have a Taste for Leather

What started out as a group event turns into a hot threesome between Rock, Jack and new talent Angus. The heat in the room was instant as they first get to know each other during photos. Once the camera started to roll there was no stopping until everyone was satisfied. Kissing, Sucking, Rimming and Fucking were all on the menu with these three versatile guys ending with one of the best cum shot sequences we have ever shot. The threesome that plays together cums together, or at least back, to back, to back.

Pierced Daddy Fucks Cub Hard

Joseph Tag has what it takes to bang Erics ass hard in this hot D.C. sex scene. These guys know each other well in every sense of the word and plan to push all the buttons thy can to make each other cum.

Bears Enjoy A Poolside Marathon Fuck Session

Cee-Mo Fur is a dark furry young bear that has a hungry appetite for the sexy furry cub Jimmy Ryder. Both boys believe in letting it all hang out in the San Diego, California sun and take their lovin’ from the warmth of an outdoor Jacuzzi to the heat of a hot sundeck. Watch as their furry asses glisten with sun and sweat when they suck each other off and cum in the West Coast sun.